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I have decided to separate the posts every month to avoid reaching the maximum allowable content length and size for blogs. 😂 This is a continuation of my PROJECT 2020: DAILY HAPPINESS series. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing the content of my posts. 🤗

February 22, 2020
My muscles hurt, but I had so much fun!!!
I didn't think I could have smooth runs, but I DID!!!
Can't wait to try skiing next time 😊

February 21, 2020
I'm a bit sad today because our intern, 片倉さん, will be leaving Anritsu.
We have just started being friendly with each other and he's been very helpful to me. 
I haven't even had time to thank him before he left because I was busy with work. 😢
He still left this food for me though 😊

Also, had this delicious steak at Ikinari for dinner before our 
night bus to Nagano for our Snowboard Trip!

February 20, 2020
Again, good dinner from Gab's cooking! 💓💓💓

February 19, 2020
for the welcome party of our new member and farewell party of our intern. 
I was a bit concerned at first because I will be the only girl and my Filipino senpai won't be there.
But surprisingly, I was able to enjoy conversing with everyone.
I feel like they are more open to me now than before, and it makes me happy that they don't have to refrain themselves from asking some questions and having more fun with me anymore. 😊

February 18, 2020
Taught Gab how to cook adobong atay ng manok! 
One of my favorite foods 😂

February 17, 2020
My beanie and neck warmer for our snowboard trip have arrived from Amazon!!!


February 16, 2020
Accompanied my friend Gab to the dentist and found heaven in Yurindo. 😂
I really enjoy buying unnecessary stationary stuff. 😅

And then, went back to 沖原寮 after to find that my instax is still working after I put in new batteries!!! I thought I broke it when I accidentally dropped it last time, but thank god it's just a battery problem. Yay!

February 15, 2020
After n months of thinking about it, I finally booked a flight home for Christmas this year.
I am soooo excited bc the last Christmas I had in Ph was in 2018.

February 14, 2020

Today, I gave my all-male teammates and some guy friends chocolates.
It's a Japanese tradition where women are the ones who give chocolates to guys during February 14.
Cool stuff and I was happy that they were happy when I gave them the chocolates.
Not that bad to be the only girl in the team! 😅

I got the gray one this time for  ¥400 and my snoopy collection is now complete!
(I got all the snoopy variations from the game center!)


Found this little baby waiting for me inside an amazon box in front of my friend's unit where I am currently staying... my bf really knows how to spoil me sometimes 👶

February 13, 2020
Won this new baby for ¥200!!!

February 12, 2020
Mung beans for dinner! HUHU I really like this food 😌

February 11, 2020
Samgyup night!

February 10, 2020
Sisig and kwentuhan with these ladies!

Also, my newly added "beneficiary" this year messaged me today regarding how they were able to use my donation last time for medicine/hospital fees for one of their members. It makes my heart so happy knowing that it was really put to a good cause. 😊 I didn't even ask for updates and just believed that it was in good hands, and I was right! I hope I can continue supporting them for the rest of the year and more... 

February 09, 2020
Trying out these chocolates from my friend Mehar 😍
Sooooooo prettyyyy ❤️

Also, pizza night and overnight at Gab's crib!

February 08, 2020
Chill and cuddle day with my babies!
Aaaaand was able to update my blog today! Yay! ❤️

Also, happy 3 YEARS AND 8 MONTHS TO US! ❤️❤️❤️

February 07, 2020
Dinner date with Gab 😍 #friyay

February 05, 2020
Free food from the boss 😆😆😆

February 04, 2020
Finishing the last slice from my birthday cake! 🎂
And I feel like I'm pretty in this picture 😂

February 03, 2020
Steak date with more close friends!!! 😍 😘

February 02, 2020
Also, it’s a palindrome date today! 🎊🎉

Had Indian food and cafe date with some of my closest friends and orgmates in college ☺️

Also, I’m celebrating the FIRST ever toy I won from the game center today😍
 Been trying and wasting money every time but of all days,

And got some gifts from my friends 🎁 🎈

Lastly, got home to a surprise from Vance! 😍😍😍

February 01, 2020
as my pre-birthday celebration at Okihara Dormitory! 🎊🎉

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Starting on December 24th of 2019, I will start writing shortly about the things that made me happy or things that made a difference every day to hopefully remind me about the good things in life. 😌

I'll add everything on this post until the end of the Year 2020. Thank you for taking time to read this article! 💗

January 31, 2020
Donated 25% of my JLPT N2 money for a good cause, and I feel so happy about it. 😊
Ever since my birthday outreach in 2018, I have always strived, to the best of my financial capability, to make something like this especially for the education of children. I hope I can continue doing this for the rest of my life.

January 30, 2020
for passing the JLPT N2 exam and an advanced gift to myself for my upcoming birthday 😊
January 26, 2020
I was seriously so worried about failing my JLPT N2 and getting fined ¥40,000 so I started saving up coins and random bills I didn't really need months before the exam... 😅
And today, since I don't need to pay anymore (horaaaay), I tried to count everything and was surprised to know that I saved up ¥46,961.00!!! 😱
Still thinking about how to reward myself with this money 😅

January 25, 2020
This is me, dead, inside the Karaoke room where we sang from last night until 6 AM today! HAHAHA
Fun night though!

January 24, 2020
Night out at Shibuya with Ser(lol) Mark, Kuya Mikhail, and James!
Dinner  ➡︎ Dessert ➡︎ Karaoke Night
Also, James won me a little Snoopy stuffed toy at Game Center in Atsugi Trellis.

January 23, 2020
OMG I am SOOOOO HAPPY I passed this exam because I have seriously been worried
ever since I left that examination room! HAHAHAHA
I seriously didn't think I would pass, but GOD HEARD ME (even if I don't really pray...😔)

January 11, 2020
お疲れ様パーティー🎊 🎉

January 9, 2020
My air humidifier from Amazon Japan arrived today 😌

January 8, 2020
January 7, 2020
Chocolates from Enric-senpai who recently went to EU trip!

 January 5, 2020
Got my dream planner courtesy of Vance! 💗

 January 4, 2020
Because we overslept (so very us. haha!), instead of pushing our originally planned day trip to Enoshima,
Vance and I went to shopping at Grandberry Park in Machida (newly re-opened outlet!).
It was the perfect choice since we weren't able to find anything worth buying in Gotemba Premium outlets yesterday, it was near our hotel, Vance was able to buy new shoes, and we were able to buy couple shoes! Talk about #clingy 😂🤣

 January 3, 2020
Romance Car ride to Gotemba!

Also, wearing our couple watches Vance bought (as a gift) from Daniel Wellington yesterday 😌💗

January 2, 2020
Vance arrives in Machida, Japan! 
And of course, dinner at his favorite ramen place: Ichiran!

December 31, 2019
Sending my family home today with a smile 😌
Went home after to "unbox" the goods they bought for me from Ph 💗
Among others were UBE JAM(!!!) from Baguio, skin care products, and all the sweet stuff I've been craving since I can't even remember. Yay!

December 30, 2019
Odaiba Day with the family! 😌💗 
The weather was a bit gloomy and it was sprinkling a bit, 
but we were able to explore all the areas and we took good pictures!

December 29, 2019
In the morning, they visited my place, Hon Atsugi, 
and then helped me bring my stuff in the dormitory.

In the afternoon, we went to Shibuya in hopes to have a picture with Hachiko 
but we weren't able to because the statue was crowded.
Instead, went to Starbucks Reserve Roastery (it was magicaaaal)! 😌

In the evening, we went to Akihabara to explore a bit because my twin brother is a huge fan of anime 
(he seriously enjoyed taking pictures and wanted to explore more, but the time was limited. 
Will hopefully be able to take him there again someday!) and had a dinner.

December 28, 2019
Asakusa Temple, Nakamise Shopping street, Tokyo Sky tree, and Harajuku with my family! 😌

December 27, 2019
Matchy matchy at Tokyo Disneyland! 😌❤️ Also, 14 attractions in ~14 hours! 
We made the most out of our 1-day pass 😂

December 26, 2019
My family's arrival here in Japan! 💗
Good thing, our hotel is just five minutes away from the station and 
we have the chance to see this view everyday on our way to the station. 😌

Asakusa City, overlooking the Tokyo Tower! 

December 25, 2019
Had fun shopping and hanging out with these ladies today! 
Bought lots of clothes and winter stuff in preparation for my family's trip here in Japan. 💗

December 24, 2019
Had a mini party at Anritsu Family Dorm together with these guys. 💗 
I made a graham cake to share with them and fortunately, they liked it. 😌 
I thought I'd be alone and lonely this Christmas since I did not go home, 
but turns out that God has given company.

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Aug 7, 2019 11:53 🇵🇭

Yesterday, I had lunch with my elementary classmates in Balai Gloria, Solano Nueva Vizcaya.

Aug 6, 2019. Balai Gloria, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya
It has been years before I could finally meet with some of them, but some things never seem to change because we were all comfortable, laughing our asses off with all our old jokes and present quirks. We even relive past crushes and relationships and talk as if some were in present.

June 29, 2018. Graduation Thanksgiving.
Some of them have their own families now, and one is expecting a baby on October this year. We may have different priorities and places at the moment, but one thing remains the same, we’re our own family.

I am happy that after all these years, I have kept them as friends and I look forward to more lunches with them whenever I am back home.
2019/08/02 21:02  🇯🇵
(date and time written)

It’s been a while, but from time to time I am being reminded…

Like right now, on a plane back home, unknowingly picking the movie that will take me back to that day when you chose to leave without a warning. Or sometimes, randomly shopping and seeing that cartoon you were fond of, to thinking of coloring my nails, but won’t because you said I don’t look good with it, or when your song and the songs I associate with you play out of nowhere or from my playlist where I still keep that part of you (yes, I haven’t deleted them yet, nor will ever do), or just randomly popping in my head when I’m peacefully taking a shower or just doing nothing. It feels as if you’ll never ever let me forget.

I liked you - way too much than I’ll ever admit to myself. I never told you but you knew it anyway. Maybe it was the way I never knew you or the way I have always looked from afar that I found you perfect. I never got to know the entirety of you. Only the bits and pieces, but it was okay - I have grown to be okay with it. We became really good friends, but I still looked forward to seeing you, more than everyone else, around the corridors of our university. Yes, it - you - used to be my highlight. The only person I liked and didn’t tell him about it.

I liked the way you called me by a pet name, the one you made that time we were hanging in the library (for a reason I don’t even remember anymore). I have never seen you laugh that hard, to the point that you lost your balance and almost fell off the stairs. The last time you talked to me, even though we - I - already knew for sure the we can never be, it was still the way you called me, and I will never forget. I wonder when or where will another person come up with that same pet name, but I won’t let him/her call me that anyway. It’s yours and yours alone.

I am sometimes starting to forget, but somehow the universe won’t let me. Will it ever let me? Will you ever really leave me?
Surprise hack post! 

Happy anniversary, my love! I love you so so much, babr! I wanted to do something new that is hopefully not expected hehe.  
It has been what, x days since you left for Japan? But still here we are still together even though it has been full of ups and downs. We spend so much time apart now that every moment we are able to spend together feels like a blessing.

You are the sweetest, most caring person that I know. Thank you for always putting up with my shortcomings. Know that I always think of you even when we are apart. I will always be here for you no matter how big the distance between us gets and I will always do my best to show that. 

I miss you so so much :) I wish I could be there to spend the day with you, but we'll just have to wait until July. :)  I love you always. Happy anniversary, Ronalaine >:)< :*

Always yours,
Vance Anthony
pro hacker 

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